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Janet Cameron Hoult GOING to the DOGS and other CRITTERS

My congratulations for a well-organized and well-run booth at the LATFOB. All the staff you had working there were gracious to me, my friend and young Mick, as we handed out bookmarks. I made sure that folks who came by were directed to the LitFire staff for answers to their questions about self-publishing and was happy to help out any way I could. Thanks again for the opportunity to be involved in a local book festival.

Charlyn Kent The Theater of Life

I really enjoyed myself [at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books]. I pray I sell more books online that I did at the fair. Thank You!

Felton Perry aka Ev'yaY-Eulasson Between Tomorrow and Yesterday

My experience on April 21, 2018 as an author whose participation in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was good. I was there just about three hours, and had the opportunity to meet and greet some of the Los Angeles reading public, and sold a book or two. A few friends stopped by and supported my effort. Thank you and your team for all that you did to make my participation in LATFOB a personal success. P.S. The full page ad in the WayFairer Magazine is awesome!

Keith Steinbaum The Poe Consequence

I enjoyed my time at the LATFOB, meeting and talking with a couple of your [LF] other authors as well as mingling with those people who came by to inquire about my book. I signed and gave away 10 copies, along with the bookmarks and mini badges, and overall it was a worthwhile experience.

Thank you for your hard work in putting this together for your LitFire authors.

Arthur M. Pattison Poems across My Path

book You people have done a master job ! I am VERY impressed and pleased, especially on the front cover!
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