LitFire Publishing proudly presents our growing roster of satisfied authors. Where do you want to go next in your literary journey? We can help you get there. Here’s how we’ve touched the lives of our extended LitFire family.

Margaret Iduma Parenting & Educating with Wisdom

book I was about to give up on this new book that you guys did. But when I saw the cover together with the layout and the interior, I shouted, “Yes! This is the one that I really wanted.”

Nicholas Steiner America in Black and White

Years ago, I self-published several books of photos as well as a memoir. I had no expectation that any of it would go further, until a few months ago when LitFire contacted me to republish one of my books. That done, it has led to republishing a second memoir and now a website to encompass everything. The individuals I've worked with at LitFire have consistently been professional, helpful, and a pleasure to work with.
larry friend

Larry Friend Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett

squirrel book When LitFire suggested that I appear in one of the local theaters to promote my books, I had no idea what to expect. LitFire supplied a beautiful portable display booth and two “standees” for the theater. The most amazing thing is to see your book and illustrations on the big screen. Mindy and I were overwhelmed at the response of the viewers. Ultimately, it is safe to say, we truly enjoyed every minute of it.

Wanda Birchler Suzie Slither’s Woods

Wanda Birchler book I have had a wonderful experience working with Litfire Publishing. I found all the representatives most eager to help me in each phase of the publishing process. I thought they did a beautiful job on the design of my book, and I felt the pricing was very fair and reasonable. I would highly recommend LitFire to anyone wanting to publish a book.
James Frazee

James Frazee The Mosquito Bites

James Frazee book I was formerly with another publisher of my books and was not happy with them. Luckily I found LitFire, and now have a publisher who cares about me and my books. They first published my mystery novel, The Mosquito Bites, and followed with my Bridge Book, Beginning Bridge by the Numbers. I am currently working on a sequel to my mystery novel and will happily give it to LifFire to publish, a company of caring and professional people.
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